The Discipline To Work 9 To 5 From Home As A Writer : Alfred's Diary : Get To Know Me - 23/09/2021

 Dear Diary, 

   When you work for yourself and you work from home, the discipline to utilize all the hours of a day as one does when on a job is another matter.

   While working a job one has fixed hours and has to check in and check out at specific times. 

   When at the job you are surrounded by people in a working environment. It's a space for work first, and everybody who knows you on the job has at least a faint idea of what you ought to be doing so everybody would know if you are not working. They'll know you are being a slacker if you're not working. They'll know you're a part of the machine that is the company that is being a liability by being lazy yet expecting to benefit from the outcome of the working together of the individual units of the machine (ie. the company) to accomplish the joint goals of the machine.

   You'll be the individual unit that isn't aiding the machine and everybody would see it.

   In an office or work or company environment, the mere environment creates an atmosphere that sets you to work and keeps you in that frame of mind for all time.

   While working from home and working for yourself none of that pressure is there.

   There is no pressure to be on the grind from 9 to 5 all over the atmosphere. There is no deadline to meet that was set by your Boss because you are your own Boss.

   There's no pressure that you'll get fired because you work for yourself. There's no pressure that you'll look like the lazy unit in the engine of the company if you don't keep working just like everybody else because you work from home.

   The pressure to keep on the grind from 9 to 5 has to be created by your own choice to remain motivated and disciplined.

   I have to train myself to be motivated and disciplined to work 9 to 5.