The Fear Of The Art Not Being Good Enough Creating Analysis Paralysis : Alfred's Diary - Get To Know Me - 16/09/2021

Dear Diary,

   For years one of the reasons among others that prevented me from creating and posting bedtime stories, short stories, novels, music and webcomics everyday is the fear that it wasn't good enough yet. Perhaps I should just improve more.

   Days turned into weeks, Weeks turned into Months, Months turned into Years, and Years started turning into Decades.

   Unbeknownst to me, this was me just being where Satan wanted me to be. 

   I was afraid my art wouldn't be good enough.

   The key word there is AFRAID. 

   Fear is from the devil. Only the devil wants you Afraid. 

   The devil was using the fear of me thinking my art wasn't Good enough as an occasion to keep me from being productive.

   Well not anymore. I'm wise to the devil's tricks now.

    I would create art and post it and improve along the way. 

   Nothing is going to stop me. I am not afraid of criticism. I am not afraid of what people may say about my work. I am not afraid of any thoughts that come to my mind.

   The years of unproductivity are over. Whether anyone likes it or not, I am creating content…. I am creating art; and I'm sharing it with the world in the name of Jesus.

   My art (comics, music, novels, short stories, movies, cartoons, video games, documentaries, educational videos, etc) brings people to Christ in Jesus name. My art touches lives in the name of Jesus. My art conveys the Gospel of Jesus to all the ends of the world in Jesus name. Amen.  

   Praise the Lord.

   Hallelujah!! to His name!

   Jesus be praised. Jesus be praised.Jesus be praised.

   Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!