My Goal For This Month Is To Have An Additional One Million Dollars Added To What I Make Every Month : Alfred's Diary : Get To Know Me - 8/10/2021

 Dear Diary, 

   It is not a sin to make more money or desire to do so. It is what you do or plan to do with the money that could be a sin or not. Are you planning to do good or bad with it? Are you going to help people or hurt people with it? 

   Making more money can not only just be a good thing but it can go further into being a righteous and holy thing. 

    A great act of holiness towards God is exactly what making more and more and more money becomes when you are using the money to do God's work… when you are using the money to depopulate Hell & populate Heaven… when you're using the money to save lives… when you are using the money to spread the gospel… when you are using the money to power the light of God's word to shine and spread into all the dark corners of the world.

   I intend to add making an extra $1 million a month on top of what I make every month. 

   I would have to come up with a plan that would help me do that. I don't have to reveal what the plan would be when I am constructing it but I have to execute and hit my goals successfully.

   Many souls being saved are depending on me.