Turning Halloween Into Money & An Opportunity To Win Souls Into God's Kingdom : Alfred's Diary : Get To Know Me - 4/10/2021 - Entry #1

 Dear Diary, 

   I would be working on a large number of Halloween themed books and music and do my best to have them out before October 31st.

   The books & music would probably be available to enjoy for free. A lot of folks would be reached with Christian stories being told in a Halloween setting.

   However, money being made would first off come from Merch. 

  A lot of pushing of Halloween Merch with a Christian theme.

   With me it's all about taking over ungodly things with the message of the gospel. Transforming every tradition, culture, legislature,  ideology, system, ... everything in this world into that which is holy and glorifies God. If it can't, it should be eradicated.

   Halloween itself is an attempt by the Catholic church to turn a Pagan Tradition into a Christian tradition. It probably wasn't even called Halloween by the Pagans.

   Now if you take issue with this. Note how the enemies of Christianity have taken the rainbow which was a Christian symbol of God's promise to never again destroy the world with a flood, and they have taken it to try to make the symbol of Homosexuality to thumb their nose up at God.

   We Christians in The Family must influence everything. We must leave our imprint on everything. Otherwise the imprint of darkness on everything would grow and they would use all that power as a greater platform to create an even more ungodly world and persecute Christians also.